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(I must apologize for the quality of these pictures. These guys are a long way down river and without good light theya re just a black mass against the white)

1The other morning we noticed some movement on the far shore down river. Three Otter were relaxing by an open spot on the river. I opened the door as quietly as I could. They have incredible hearing and sure enough as I opened the door further to step out, to get a better shot, they headed for the safety of the water.2


I kept very still and once they were more comfortable they started fishing.3

They were diving individually and then two of them started swimming around in circles; similar to what sharks will do. Both methods seemed to produce lunch.4

Minutes after the Otter finished their meal and headed back down river; the Eagle swooped down for clean up what was left.5

Mother Nature has a great system in place.


Edwin and Denise were staying with us this week and while exploring the block road just past us they came upon this beautiful wolf.

Edwin shared: "The tranquility, smells and sounds of the forest does a person so much good. And to be able to see that beautiful wolf as an added bonus. "

Thank you for sharing.

Edwin and Denise Wolf 1 

 Bright sunny days and star-filled skies at night.  Lots of activity on the river.DSC09914 Grey Jay

When we open the blinds in the morning the Grey Jays are waiting for us.


DSC09909 Otter

We have spotted Otters fishing every morning.  Hard to tell as they are almost all the same size but we think these two are the babies

 DSC09904 Otter

and this one watching, we think is the Mom. 

Each day offers a new adventure.  

Have a great Sunday!


Our guests say it best....

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